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The DOE is currently conducting interviews with a small group of class members to get more information about the types of services they would like to receive.

We are requesting that the DOE begin services soon, and the court has stated that it wants services to begin this year.

Please see the newsletter and updates page for more information.

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Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing – (808) 524-1800
            (ask to speak with Zach DiIonno or Michelle Comeau)

Hawaii Disability Rights Center - (808) 949-2922
            (ask to speak with Patty Cookson)

By Email:
Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
           zdiionno@ahfi.com (Zach DiIonno) or mcomeau@ahfi.com (Michelle Comeau)

Hawaii Disability Rights Center - info@hawaiidisabilityrights.org

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  Alston Hunt Floyd & Ing
ATTN: ERK et al v. DOE
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Hawaii Disability Rights Center
ATTN: ERK et al v. DOE
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Honolulu, HI 96813
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