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KAWASHIMA CLASS ACTION - Frequently Asked Questions

1.         Please tell me the hourly pay that Part-Time Teachers were supposed to be receiving from February 10, 2004 to June 14, 2012?

The rates depended on the qualifications of the teacher.  The hourly rates that Part-Time Teachers were supposed to receive are as follows:


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

02/01/2004 - 08/17/2004




08/18/2004 - 01/23/2005




01/24/2005 – 06/30/2005




07/01/2005 – 06/30/2006




07/01/2006 – 06/30/2008




07/01/2008 – 01/12/2009




01/13/2009 – 06/15/2012




2.         If I was not receiving the correct amount, would I get back pay from my start date to the day that I started receiving the correct amount? 

Yes, that is the amount awarded by the court, but the state is planning to appeal, for it disputes the claim in its entirety.

3.         If I decided to continue in participating with the lawsuit, what would I need to do and would I need to find my own counsel?  If so, I would expect that expenses that I incur to be my responsibility?

You do not need to do anything and you do not need to retain your own attorney.  We have been, and are, representing the class members on a contingency fee basis.  We are to be paid only a court-approved percentage of the amount recovered, including any fees the state must pay.

4.         What would happen if I did not want to have my own counsel, would I need to opt out or could I participate?

You will participate without need for your own attorney.

5.         If the lawsuit is successful, how long would it take for the participants to receive their monetary corrections?
Since the state is appealing, we cannot predict the outcome or the timing.  The Hawai`i State Supreme Court will ultimately decide the case.  We hope, and expect to win.